Information on the Jap Spec 1.5x & Si CRX

As a general rule when looking for Si parts try and find parts for a 88-91 European Spec CR-X 1.6i-16 or even an 88-89 Integra. The European 1.6i-16 has a D16A8 or D16A9 which is very similar to the ZC engine in the Si. An 88-89 Integra has a D16A1 which is similar but not exactly the same, however you will find a majority of parts are the same.

As a general rule when looking for 1.5x parts try and find parts for a 89-91 Civic Shuttle 1.5 16v or even the 4wd EX version. You will find a majority of parts on the 1.5x CR-X are the same. Failing that try Civic 1.5 dx/lsi 89-91. (DX is a 1.3 , LSi is a 1.5) 92 and onwards are only really the same engine block and a few other accessories. They are D15B's but only 89-91's had the same L3 tranny. Some shuttle models were also dual carb D15B engines.

But be warned a certain element of luck is needed in getting the right part. I can not guarantee that the parts i have listed are correct for you. I can guarantee you that these are the parts and specs that i used in maintaining my 89 JDM 1.5x and 88 JDM Si. There are some differences between the early 88 & 89 models from the 90-92 models. Front bonnet & bumper and rear bumper & tail lights are different on the 88 and 89 CR-Xs from the later years. If you are unsure about any information or even if the information you are looking for is not here please contact me and i will do my best to help you. You can e-mail me at

Dont buy aftermarket parts unless you are certain that they will fit. The biggest mistake people make is buying performance parts assuming that there the same as european spec models. An Si has differences from european and american spec CR-X's. Even strut braces have to be bought wisely because of clearance problems. (Models with ABS are an even bigger problem) Yet again please ask if you are unsure.

If you can contribute any other information, tips, tricks, or even part numbers it would be greatly appreciated.

1.5x Part Numbers

Air Filter

Blue Print Part Number ADH 22218 (Filter shown on top left of pic.)

Air Filter

K&N Part Number, E9071.

Ignition Leads

NGK/NTK Part Number, HE53 9689

Rear Brake Shoes

Quinton Hazel Part Number, QTH689

Distributor Cap

Inter Motor Part Number, 45541


FSD Part Number, FSD3329


Quinton Hazel Part Number, QTH322

D15B Head Gasket & Seal Kit

Quinton Hazel Part Number, QDS732

Timing Belt

Quinton Hazel Part Number, QTB292 (Same as Civic)

Alternator Belt

Quinton Hazel Part Number, QBR6763 or QBR3737 (Same as Civic)


Honda Part Number, 31110-PM3-0141

Power Steering Belt

Honda Part Number, 56992-PM3-0031

  Quinton Hazel Part Number, QBA800

Air Conditioning Belt

Honda Part Number, 38920-PM3-0031

  Quinton Hazel Part Number, QBR4875
Si Part Numbers

Air Filter

WIX Part Number, WA6279 (Filter on bottom left of image)

DC Sports DAC Intake Kit
DC Part Number, DAC5001

Petrol Filter

WIX Part Number, WF8073 (Under Bonnet)

  Honda Part Number, 16010-SH3-505
Front Disk Brake Pads
Konaku KN264 (1019)

Rear Disk Brake Pads

Frentex M88 (1146)

  EBC Green Stuff Part Number, EBCDP2642/2
Front Brake Caliper Upper Stud
Honda Part Number, 45235-SE0-003
Front Brake Caliper Lower Stud
Honda Part Number, 45240-SE0-003
Front Brake Caliper Upper Boot
Honda Part Number, 45234-SE0-003
Front Brake Caliper Lower Boots
Honda Part Number, 45232-SE0-003


Quinton Hazel Part Number, QTH366

  Honda Part Number, 19300-PM3-003
Thermostat Gasket
Honda Part Number, 19305-PJ7-000

Timing Belt

Honda Part Number, 14400-PK2-004 (88 Prelude 2.0 Si)

Alternator Belt

Honda Part Number, 31110-PM5-305

  Quinton Hazel Part Number, QBR3763

Distributor Cap

Honda Part Number, 30102-PM7-305

  Inter Motor Part Number, IN45575

Distributor Rotor

Honda Part Number, 30103-PM5-A05

  Inter Motor Part Number, IN48191
Distributor Cap & Rotor
Honda Part Number, 30102-PM7-306

Air Conditioning Belt

Honda Part Number, 38920-PM5-A04

PCV Valve

Honda Part Number, 17130-PM6-003

  Honda Part Number, 17130-PM6-G01 (Red, Rover 216GTi)
Valve Cover Gasket
Honda Part Number, 12341-PM7-000
Spark Plug Hole Gaskets
Honda Part Number, 12342-PG6-000
Valve Cover Stud Bolts
Honda Part Number, 90012-PM7-000
Anti-Roll Bar Suspension Bushing
Honda Part Number, 52316-SA5-000
Anti-Roll Bar Lower Arm Bushing
Honda Part Number, 52314-SH3-000
SiR Part Numbers
Speed Sensor Unit
Honda Part Number, 78410-SY0-003
Generic Part Numbers
Oil Cap
Honda Part Number, 15610-P2A-000
Oil DipStick
Honda Part Number, 15650-PM3-004

Oil Filter

Champion Part Number, F208


Champion Part Number, F110 (For 1.5x D15B, Same only smaller)


Honda Part Number, 15400-PR3-004


Fram Part Number, PH3539A (For 1.5x D15B, Same only smaller)

Spark Plugs

NGK V-Groove Part Number, BCPR6EY-11 (Stock)


NGK Gold Paladium Part Number, BCP6EV (Better)


NGK Platinum Part Number, BCPR6EVX-11 (Better Again)


NGK Iridium Part Number, BKR6EIX-11 (Gold Dust)


Nippon Denso Part Number, Q20PR-U11 (Stock)


Champion Part Number, RN9YCC4

Energy Suspension Bushing Kit

16-18102G Parts off the matt are sold separately.

Front Sus Upper Ball-Joint
Honda Part Number, 51460-SH3-023 (Left Hand Side)
Front Sus Steering Ball-Joint L
Veco Part number, VB1125
Front Sus Steering Ball-Joint R
Veco Part number, VB1126
Front Wheel Stud
Honda Part Number, H90113-SA0-025

Shock Absorbers

Koni Part Numbers,


Front = 8040 1077SPORT


Rear = 8040 1103SPORT * (Solid lower arm with fork shape lower shock mount)

  Rear = 8040 1078SPORT * (Box Section lower arm with eye shape lower mount)


Front = 8041 1166SP4 (Externally Adjustable)


Rear = 8041 1153SPORT (Externally Adjustable)

Water Pump

Honda Part Number, 19200-P01-004

Water Temp Switch for Fan
Honda Part Number, 33760-PM3-003
Honda Part Number, 19010-PM4-003/4
Radiator Cap
Honda Part Number, 19045-PN3-003
Alternator Front Bearing
Honda Part Number, 31114-PD1-044

Headlight Bulbs

Stanley Part Number, 14-0339 (12v65/55w) 702k

Engine Mounts

Honda Part Numbers, 50821-SH3-040, 50805-SH3-030, 0810-SH3-040

Front Engine Mounting
Honda Part Number, UK = 50840-SH3-000 or JDM = 50841-SH3-040 (No Difference)
Wiper Motor Connecting Rod
Honda Part Number, 76540-SH3-003

K&N Cleaning Kit


Power Steering Fluid
Honda Part Number, PSF 1Litre H08284-99901HA

Oxygen Sensor

NTK Part Number, 24033 (Sensor on exhaust manifold)

Scorpion S/Steel Exhaust System
Scorpion Part Number, SCOSHD004
Scorpion Cat Replacement Pipe
Scorpion Part Number, SCOSHDC001
88-89 JDM 1.5x & Si Front End Part Numbers

Front bumper

Honda Part Number, 71101-SH3-000ZZ

Front Bumper Beam

Honda Part Number, 71140-SH2-000

Honda Part Number, 60100-SH3-020ZZ (1.5x without DOHC Hump)
Side Light (Left)
Honda Part Number, 34350-SH2-023
Side Light (Right)
Honda Part Number, 34300-SH2-023
Head Light (Left)
Honda Part Number, 33150-SH2-023
Head Light (Right)
Honda Part Number, 33100-SH2-033
Indicator (Left)
Honda Part Number, 33300-SH3-003
Indicator (Right)
Honda Part Number, 33350-SH3-003
88-89 UK 1.6i-16 Front End Part Numbers

Front bumper

Honda Part Number, 71101-SH2-000ZZ

Front Bumper Beam

Honda Part Number, 71140-SH2-000

Side Light (Left)
Honda Part Number, 34350-SH2-G03
Side Light (Right)
Honda Part Number, 34300-SH2-G03
Head Light (Left)
Honda Part Number, 33150-SH3-E02
Head Light (Right)
Honda Part Number, 33100-SH3-E02

The rear suspension bottom arms i use are the solid bar type. The rear shock absorber is different depending on which lower arm you have. If you are buying koni shocks for the solid bottom arms say its an 89-91 european CR-X because they use the solid bar lower arms. If you are looking for the box section arm type a JDM Civic 25x will get you the Koni part number you need. Note : All JDM 1.5x and Si CRX's have the box section bottom arms where as all UK spec 1.6i-16's have the solid arm.

Miscellaneous Information

CV Joints : 26 spline inner. The 23 spline CV joints are more common so don't be fooled.

Windscreen Wipers : 19" (48cm) on both sides. You can fit 20" on the drivers side and 22" on the passenger side at the expense of cleaning efficiency. I would advise spending the extra and buying wipers with a built on spoiler. Standard wipers tend to lift off the glass at speed. Champion VX48 blades work very well. Factory fit wiper blades were a lower profile then normal to stop them lifting with the air flow, these lower profile blades donít seen to exist in Europe unfortunately.

Seat Belts : It has become clear that most CR-X's end up with seatbelts that wont wind back in. TK-8100r is the part number for the drivers side winder unit for an 89-91 civic. You can use the winder with the original crx belts. Dismantle the old winders to get the belt out. The new winders are different you can push the belt out of the spindle and remove the bar holding it in place, then feed the original crx belt through and slide the bar in to keep it in place. Make sure the spindle is not allowed to unwind when you pull the belt out because you cant wind them up again, trust me. Original winder is a gold metal colour, the civic type are painted black. European models have a plastic bag around them, I think its just to keep dust out.

Rear Wheel Bearings : Same as any CR-X/Civic European or Jap spec. Drum Brake models use the same bearing. Note: The bearing and hub are a complete unit.

Front Brake Pads : There are 2 types so your best to bring a pad with you or just trace around one on a sheet of paper to check the shape / size etc. 1.5x, Si, and SiR models all have different pads.

Rear Brake Pads : Any Honda Civic, CR-X, Integra, Accord, Prellude, with drum or disk brakes. There is only two types basically.

Headlight Bulbs : Yes thats right there different, jap spec. They look the same except there 2/3rds the size. There usually about ?5 each if you can find them. There also shite. The lens is plastic and not glass like european models. If you can afford them get the glass european lights because they are much better and take standard H4 bulbs. (Pic of H4 vs Jap Bulbs) (Pic of Side Light Bulbs, Note there 5w not 3w)

Brake Fluid : The factory recommends DOT 4 specification. The higher the number the higher the boiling point. DOT 4 boils at about 260 degrees celsius. I've heard bad things about Dot 5 and Dot 5.1 clogging up master cylinders so i would'nt use them just in case.

Bleeding Brakes : Bleed in the following order, left rear, right front, right rear, and then left front. (RHD Cars Only).

Gearbox Oil : The factory recommends 10w40 non-synthetic in the manual gearbox. You can use 10w30 but dont use 5w30/40. (Ordinary Engine Oil)

Engine Oil : The factory recommends SAE 10w40 to 20w50 semi-synthetic. The lower the first number, the thinner the oil. The higher the last number, the better it will stand up to hot temperatures. I would strongly recommend you use fully synthetic oil. Oil doesn't just lubricate it also cools and seals the engine. I would strongly recommend you use good quality oil and change it within every 5000miles.

Coolant : Only use ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze. It is recommended that you don't go beyond 50/50 mixture of water and anti-freeze. Using a non glycol based anti-freeze kills honda water pumps for some reason. The wrong type of coolant will corrode the alloy engine block.

Clutch Cable : Same as any 89-91 Civic / Crx. I broke mine and got one out of a 1.3 civic. The cable was thinner but its worked fine so far.

Power Steering : The factory recommends Honda Power Steering Fluid only. To drain the oil remove the return pipe from the resoviour (bottom hose) and start the engine, after turning the wheel from lock to lock a few times all the fluid should have been pumped out of the system. (Donít forget a bucket or it will be messy)

Radiator Cap Pressure : 13.5 to 18.0 PSi

Thermostat Temperature : 76 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Resetting the ECU : Fully warm up engine, Locate the fuse box under the bonnet, (Above drivers side wheel arch) and remove the fuses for the ECU and Hazard Warning for 2 Minutes. Refit fuses and start the engine, leave it at idle speed for 5 minutes. (Do not go near the throttle) The reason for leaving it at idle speed is to let the ECU calibrate itself to the sensor readings and program a default value for itself.

Ignition Timing : 16 degrees + or - 2 degrees at idle speed is the stock setting. (Red Mark on Crank Pulley, it also has a mark either side of it. The other mark off the left is the top dead centre mark). Turning the distributor clockwise retards the ignition, and turning it anti-clockwise advances the ignition. See the "How Do I" Section for more information.

Tyres : Standard are 185/60/14". 28psi all around should be fine. I run 29 front 27 rear.

Alloys : The offset must be 35-45 mm. Stock is 38mm. Stud Pattern is 4 x 100mm, centre bore 56mm. Just make sure you specify the car when buying. They are the same as a civic.

Petrol Filters : Honda say you should change them every 50,000 miles. On 1.5x models there is three, i havent managed to find part numbers for any of them. On Si models there are two in total. One is mounted on the fire wall and the other hangs off the petrol tank. The under bonnet filter is easily available.