Inside the car the biggest difference was the instrument layout from 88-89 to 90-92. The new layout had a higher curved top to the fascia and larger dials. Previous models had the Hazard Warning switch on the top of the steering column. This has been moved over beside the rear window defroster. The Instrument light dimmer was changed also, the old knob type was replaced with a flush fitting version.


JDM Models : The most noticeable difference between the 1.5x & Si is the redline being 200rpms higher on the Si. The Si also has a light for the ECU. The writing is also slightly different, ignore the red marks on the 88-89 1.5x dash i put them in myself to mark 30,40 and 60 mph. SiR models got a very different dashboard, as we all know the redline starts at 8000rpms. Normally we have a Hatch Open, Battery, Handbrake, Oil Pressure, ECU, Main Beam, and a Catalytic Converter warning light. SiR models also have an ALB and a Low Fuel light.

UK Models : The 1.6i-16 has its speedometer in Miles rather than Kilometers on the JDMs. For the 1.6i-16 the same applies for the dash, 88-89 got the Flat top early dash and the 1990 onwards got the curvy type dash. The 1.6i-VT had its own dashboard like the later curvy top versions.

UK 1.6i-16
JDM 1.5x
88-89 UK 1.6i-16 Dashboard
88-89 JDM 1.5x Dashboard
UK 1.6i-VT
90-92 UK 1.6i-VT Dashboard
88-89 JDM Si Dashboard
90-92 JDM SiR Dashboard

Heaters and Air Conditioning

JDM Models : 88-89 1.5x's Had the standard heater unit where as the 88-89 Si's only ever had the Climate Control heater. From 90-92 all models had Climate Control. In my opinion the standard is far better than the later Climate Control Heater, a lot lighter too. For information about changing from one to the other E-Mail me, as there is an awful lot to it.

UK Models : As far as i know all UK models only ever got the standard heater unit. I don't think the UK even got Air Conditioning because any i have seen had a blanking plate where the AC switch should be.

Standard with AC
88-89 JDM 1.5x, Note the manual A/C Button.
88-89 JDM Si, (Note Japanese Writeing)
90-92 JDM 1.5x & Si


JDM Models : From 1990 onwards all 1.5x and Si models had "CR-X" stitched in gray letters onto the seats. SiR models had "CR-X VTEC" in Red stitching. The standard cloth type was a black cord material with thin red strips. Some 1.5x Special Edition models had Gray instead of Red. On 1990 onwards models there was now a softer material, it was much more comfortable as well Si models had Black with Red strips, while 1.5x Special Edition models had Gray with White strips. All standard 90-92 1.5x models had the original cord cloth in black with red strips. All SiR's had black leather seats which were also more shaped. Si and SiR models have a lumber adjuster on the drivers seat.

UK Models : All 1.6i-16 models got the cord material with Black and Red strips. All 1.6i-VT models got the Black Leather Seats. Same rule applies for the "CR-X" stitching.

US Models : For some reason US models didn't get a back seat, instead they got a lockable storage cabinet.

1.6i-VT & SiR
Cord Cloth
New Soft Cloth :)
UK 1.6i-VT and JDM SiR
Early Cord Cloth Seats
Later Cloth Seats
Rear Seat
Box with Yellow sticker is for ALB
SE Grey Cloth
UK and JDM Rear Seat
UK and JDM Rear Seat F/Down
"Special Edition" Gray Cloth


Door Lining and Fittings

JDM Models : 1.5x Models from 1990 onwards had gray plastic door lining and dashboard surround. Si models had the black velvet the same as 88-89 1.5x models. All SiR models had black leather. 1.5x Special Edition models sometimes had cloth inserts on the doors.

UK Models : All 1.6i-16 models had the black velvet while all 1.6i-VT models had black leather. UK models also got a velvet lined glove box where JDM models had bare plastic!

Other Small Differences

From 88 to 89 there is something different about the gear lever surround. This will sound odd but i will explain how i noticed. In my 89 1.5x a coke bottle fitted perfectly beside the handbrake, the cap of the bottom sat on the edge of the center console. On my 88 Si the gap is an inch shorter and the cap of the bottle sticks up in the air. I now it sounds trivial but an inch difference between the handbrake and center console is quite a lot! The only thing i can see is the leather cloth around the gear lever is a rectangle shape on the 88 Si and more a square shape on the 89 1.5x.

From 88 to 89 there was a layer of the black sticky sound proofing added under the rear seat.